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We provide comprehensive and personalized rehabilitation services to help individuals recover from speech and language disorders. Our highly experienced team of professionals, including speech therapist, audiologist, and other rehabilitation specialist, is dedicated to offering individualized care to each patient. Our approach is centered on a patient-centered philosophy, ensuring that we consider each patient’s unique needs and goals in developing their rehabilitation program.

We offer a wide range of rehabilitation services, including voice therapy, speech and language therapy, home guidance plans, and parental training. Our treatments are tailored to each individual’s needs and goals, using a range of techniques and modalities, such as speech exercise, manual therapy, fluency therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

For patients who live in remote areas or who have mobility issues or other constraints, we provide tele-rehabilitation services that allow them to access our services from the comfort of their own homes.

Our goal is to help our patients achieve maximum independence, function, and quality of life. We’re committed to providing the highest standard of care to all our patients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you on your journey to recovery.

Online Speech and Language Therapy

Online speech and language therapy, also referred to as teletherapy. It’s the application of telecommunications technology to the delivery of speech-language pathology or audiology professional services at a distance by linking the clinician to the client for assessment, intervention, and consultation. (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, ASHA). Teletherapy was approved by ASHA as an appropriate method of service delivery in 2005.

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Parental Training

We provide a Basic training program to parents through various webinars and training modules targeting different areas of concern will be organized for parents.

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Online Voice Therapy

Our aim of Online Voice therapy is to eliminate or improve problems with the creation of vocal sounds (phonation) in the larynx (voice box) and give chance to regain your natural voice. After completing therapy, your voice should be more clear and sound like it did before. Voice therapy can also be used for prevention, to train your voice in order to avoid such problems altogether.

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Home Guidance Plan

Providing guidance plan and support to kids & parents to cope up with various communication challenges. A study in the American Journal of Speech and Hearing(2011) by Megan Y. Roberts and Ann P. Kaiser studied the effectiveness of parent-implemented language intervention and found it to be an effective approach to early language intervention for young children with language impairment.

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Why Linguistic Teletherapy?

Join Online

Our expert Speech therapist provides online speech therapy via video calling apps. We provides speech therapy services in all over India.

Customized Plans

After a complete assessment and diagnosis of your problem, our therapist plans a customized therapy program for you.

Continued Therapy

Since our services are location independent, your loved one can avail the benefits of continuity and consistency in therapy which are crucial to their development.

Flexible Timings

Therapist conducts online video sessions at a mutually agreed upon time.
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