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People with speech, language, and voice disorders struggle to communicate with others and to express themselves and feeling very depressed. If the problem becomes severe these disorders can affect the ability to interact with others and can impact their official, educational, and personal life. Speech-language pathologists can assist children and adults with these disorders. People with these disorders can take speech therapy throughout the lifespan but are often the most effective when disorders are identified and treated early.

About us

Linguistic Teletherapy provides most trusted online speech therapy services worldwide. We started in 2016 with the goal of helping people in rural areas of India. Over the years, we have strived to bring the best possible care to our clients, and in 2019, we were proud to expand our team and our services to more than 50 countries and 10 different languages. Our dedication to providing excellent speech therapy services, combined with our commitment to constantly improving our approaches, makes us a leader in the industry. We are proud to continue serving our clients with the same level of care and professionalism as when we first began.

Our Team

At a minimum, our therapists hold a Degree in Speech-Language Pathology and a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the Rehabilitation Council Of India. When you work with Linguistic Teletherapy, we will leverage our customized matching process to pair you with the therapist who is best qualified to meet your exact needs. We have many therapists in our team, and all of them have a unique specialization. This allows us to guarantee that you are matched with a therapist who is highly trained with your specific communication needs. Our therapist will use cutting-edge knowledge in your program.

What Makes Us Different

  • We serve our kids or adults with a distinctive & innovative program that makes therapy sessions more interesting.
  • We are providing all therapy sessions in a very systematic way so that they give better chances for stabilization of speech.
  • We have many specialist therapists, so you will definitely get the perfect match.
  • We work with people of all ages with a wide range of communication disorders.
  • Our therapists are highly qualified and rigorously vetted, so you’ll be working with the best.
  • Clinically Proven Techniques: Customized plans, worldwide accepted protocols, and remarkable clinical outcomes ensuring maximum benefit to the patient.
  • We are here for you on Sunday also, so your professional life will never suffer.

Our Clients

  • Kids
  • Teenagers
  • Adults
  • Golden-ager(elder person)

Online Services

  • Voice disorder
  • Fluency/Stuttering/Cluttering
  • Phonological Disorders
  • Language-based reading deficits

Clinic Fees

There is a modest fee for diagnostic and therapy services. Fees for diagnostic services are accepted a day before the service for booking the appointment. The first session will be an evaluation session for identifying the severity level of the disorder. Payment plans for therapy services are determined at the initial session. Payment modes are bank transfer and payment wallets. (Fees range based on the services provided. Please contact the clinic for more information. All clinical educators are nationally certified by the Rehabilitation Council of India.)

Why Linguistic Teletherapy?

Join Online

Our expert Speech therapist provides online speech therapy via video calling apps. We provides speech therapy services in all over India.

Customized Plans

After a complete assessment and diagnosis of your problem, our therapist plans a customized therapy program for you.

Continued Therapy

Since our services are location independent, your loved one can avail the benefits of continuity and consistency in therapy which are crucial to their development.

Flexible Timings

Therapist conducts online video sessions at a mutually agreed upon time.
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