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At Linguistic Teletherapy, we are dedicated to helping people of all ages improve their communication skills and empowering them with the confidence to communicate effectively. Our experienced speech pathologists provide personalized and effective online speech therapy services worldwide, right from the comfort of your own home or office. Let us help you overcome any speech difficulties and achieve clear, confident communication. Start your journey with us today!

About Us

Linguistic Teletherapy provides most trusted online speech therapy services worldwide. We started in 2016 with the goal of helping people in rural areas. Over the years, we have strived to bring the best possible care to our clients, and in 2019, we were proud to expand our team and our services to more than 50 countries and 10 different languages. Our dedication to providing best speech therapy services, combined with our commitment to constantly improving our approaches, makes us a leader in the industry. We are proud to continue serving our clients with the same level of care and professionalism as when we first began.

We Offer

We provide rehabilitation services for families, individuals, schools, healthcare systems and corporates at affordable price.



We are passionate to helping children, individuals and their families. We’re proud to offer online speech therapy services that caregivers can access from their home anytime.


Healthcare Providers

We are actively open for collaborate with Healthcare providers, Hospitals, Therapy Centers and aggregators to provide Online Therapy services to a broad spectrum of patients. Linguistic Teletherapy strives to provide the highest quality of speech therapy in worldwide.



We are passionate to support students and staff in your school for better performance and learning outcomes. Linguistic Teletherapy provides various programs for clear speech and better communication from an early age.

Our Services

We provide effective services to all age clients


Speech and Language delays

  • Stuttering
  • Apraxia
  • Dysarthria



Fluency disorder

  • Stuttering
  • Cluttering



Language Disorder

  • Receptive Language Disorder
  • Expressive Language Disorder
  • Aphasia



Articulation Disorder




Voice disorders

  • Vocal nodule
  • Vocal polyp
  • Vocal cord paralysis
  • Dysphonia



Neurological disorder related to speech and language

  • Parkinsonism
  • Aphasia


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Whether you’re seeking services for yourself or a loved one,
you’ve come to the right place.

Convinced speaking with more confidence.

Improve quality of life and become skillful speaker.

Giving you all possible chance for success.

Connect with stangers authentically and more fluently.

Communicate with confidence.

Promote capacity of self-determination.


Online speech therapy, also known as teletherapy or telepractice, is a form of speech therapy that is conducted over the internet using video conferencing technology. This type of therapy allows individuals to receive speech therapy services from the comfort of their own home or any location with an internet connection.

Online speech therapy typically involves a video conference with a licensed speech therapist. The therapist can assess the individual's speech and language needs, provide therapy sessions, and offer guidance and support, just as they would in an in-person therapy session.

The effectiveness of online speech therapy can vary depending on the individual and their specific needs. However, research has shown that online speech therapy can be as effective as in-person speech therapy in many cases.

Online speech therapy can benefit individuals of all ages who have speech and language difficulties, including those with developmental disorders, speech impediments, language delays, and other communication disorders. It can also be beneficial for individuals who have difficulty accessing in-person therapy due to geographical or scheduling constraints.

Why Linguistic Teletherapy?

Join Online

Our expert Speech therapist provides online speech therapy via video calling apps. We provides speech therapy services in all over India.

Customized Plans

After a complete assessment and diagnosis of your problem, our therapist plans a customized therapy program for you.

Continued Therapy

Since our services are location independent, your loved one can avail the benefits of continuity and consistency in therapy which are crucial to their development.

Flexible Timings

Therapist conducts online video sessions at a mutually agreed upon time.

Our Clients

Kalrav VashishthaKalrav Vashishtha
05:52 25 Feb 22
When I started my sessions with Dr. Mansi of Linguistic Teletherapy, I was under-confident in my speech, and had a middling stammer. In the two months with them, I have been able to build confidence and bring relaxation to my speech. I'm thankful for their services, as this will help me in my everyday as well as professional life.
Aditya SehrawatAditya Sehrawat
04:13 22 Jan 22
It was a very great and helpful experience. It helped me to overcome my stuttering problem. It also helped me to gain confidence. I would like to thank Dr. Mansi and Dr. Sonali for helping me a lot.
Pooja pandeyPooja pandey
16:22 09 Jan 22
My experience with Dr Mansi was great. I approached them for my mom as she survived a stroke and lost her speech completely. Dr Mansi was very friendly.The assessment done by them gave a clear picture of the issue that she was facing in speaking. Moreover Dr Mansi was giving the sum of all the exercises she did in a particular day and why was it important..... Slowly and gradually my mom improved.... though I could not continue it for a very long time due to some personal reasons but still my mom has recovered 70%....Thanks to Dr Mansi from the bottom of my heart.
Bhawna BansalBhawna Bansal
14:01 09 Jan 22
Its a great platform to overcome your speaking issues.. I took sessions here for articulation issue. Being in my late 20's i was not sure i will overcome the speaking error or not but to my utmost surprise i improved really well and now i am having more clear speech that enhance my confidence level also.Special thanks to Dr. MANSI who helped me a lot in my sessions.
gurpreet bajwagurpreet bajwa
01:09 11 Aug 21
My son improves a lot in his speaking after speech therapy. Firstly he took short cut in sentences and was facing problem in some alphabets but after speech therapy he speaks complete sentance with fluency.. I am fully satisfied with sessions.

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